Pokemon RPG
Dec 2015

I like playing video game, I like Pokemon and I learned program. Then my first self-project --- Pokemon RPG started. As a beginner, it is impossible to clone a Pokemon game to a web game. So my purpose is creating a challenge Defeats champion Red with Lv5 pokemon. Finally, I give up the project as not enough resource and the mechanism of battle is too complex for me.

Poké Guide
Aug 2016

Poké Guide is a website provide Pokemon Go information. This project built with Vue 1, Gulp and SCSS. ( Project are outdated and closed. )

Dec 2017

Spacecraft is a simple Socket.io game prototype. User can use its mobile phone or other touchable devices as a controller. It built from sebleedelisle/JSTouchController</a

Videojs Plus
Sep 2018

VideoJS Plus is an extension and skin for video.js. The layout reference from Youtube and responsively designed. The size of the controls depends on the font size of the container, so itÏ can be easily customized for different screen size. Also, there are several useful plugins. For example, Playlist, Subtitles / Quality selector.


This an unofficial ViuTv desktop application using ElectronJS and Vue2. Built from SimulatedGREG/electron-vue template. The purpose of this project is for VideoJS Plus testing and learn ElectronJS


This a simple online Big Two. It built with React and boardgame.io which is a Turn-Based Games Engine. Already merge into the boardgame project.

Feb 2019

Resume website built with GatsbyJS which is a static site generator for React. One of the greatest features is its gatsby-image plugin. It is easy to use and provide all the image optimization ( blur up, resize, responsive ... etc ) that you may need

Comic Reader
Mar 2019

An ElectronJS based comic reader. Using Typescript, React, Redux, redux-observable. Data is scrape from https://www.manhuagui.com.


Similar to ViuTv Desktop shown before, but this time mix with Viu OTT and rewrite with Typescript, React, redux-observable, react-spring and some react library


Unoffical Google Tasks Desktop Client. Build with ElectronJS, React, Typescript and googleapis/google-api-nodejs-client.

Board game
Sep 2020

An online board game playground. Including lobby, chat. Build with React, NextJS, boardgame.io and NextJS

Oct 2020

A project for learning full-stack development.


Line Bot
May 2021

A functional line-bot, develop for fun? Currently has two main features

  • Werewolf 狼人殺
  • Drawing Board, users could send their sketch to group